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Laser to Detect Cavities at the Whitehouse Dental Clinic

25th June 2011

Research has shown that dentists miss 70% of the most common type of decay.

However, we’re fortunate, today, that we now have a laser cavity detector here at the Whitehouse in Richmond (it’s called the Diagnodent) an FDA approved laser cavity scanner.

Why is it used?
Now we are able to identify cavities when they are in their earliest stages… when they are small, EASY to fix, and least expensive to fix as well. Well before a painful cavity develops. This is all part of the minimal invasive dentistry philosophy.

How is it used?
The laser is waved above the tooth, and then you can listen to whether the tooth has a cavity; the HIGHER the TONE the deeper the new CAVITY. We also look at the reading…anything above 15 and it’s a cavity.

How accurate is it?
The FDA has certified it as 100% accurate.

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