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New Ways of Treating Gum Disease

10th September 2011

Chemically killing bacteria is a new addition to the treatment of gum disease. Of all the means investigated, brushing your teeth with common baking soda once every 24 hours is the best and easiest method to kill bacteria. If you have gum disease, try following these steps every morning.

1. Brush the teeth with baking soda. Place 2 heaped teaspoonfuls in the palm of your hand and with a wet brush pick up the powder and massage it into your gums and into the spaces between your teeth.
2. Work the baking soda in between the teeth and under the gums with floss or interproximal brushes (e.g. Pixsters).
3. Load your brush with baking soda and clean the back of your tongue. This will stop bad breath problems in 99% of cases and also prevent many throat infections.
4. To keep the gum seal healthy you should have the tartar or calculus build-up removed by one of our amazing hygienists at regular intervals.

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