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A Metal Free Tooth Coloured Crown in One Session

6th September 2013

A Happy Man with his new Toy
(A Vivodent CS Porcelain Furnace). Its quite exciting……. No really it is!

The advantage of getting a one-visit crown means  you won’t have to leave the clinic with a temporary crown, wait for days while a lab manufactures your permanent crown and then have the inconvenience of a second visit to fit the crown. With Cerec, all this can be done in one, hour and a half session!

Scans (no impressions) are made, the tooth prepared, and the crown itself is fabricated while you rest comfortably in the dentist’s chair. Your new crown is then bonded to your tooth through a chemical process that allows your dentist to save as much healthy tissue as possible.

We have been using the Cerec system at the Whitehouse for over 5 years.
The ceramic materials used for these restorations offer a similar look to tooth enamel when light shines on them. It would take a highly trained eye to discern the restoration from the natural teeth.

We have now invested in a very high tech porcelain furnace that allows us to custom stain, glaze and finish the Cerec restoration whilst you wait! Kostas, myself, Val and Monika are all trained in using the stains and glazes and the furnace, although, rather irritatingly, the girls are better at doing it!

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