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27th January 2014

After the Christmas break, January seems a long dark month. My 14 mile round commute on my bike is in darkness and this year has been accompanied by gale force winds and rain instead of last years freezing weather. Its also generally a quieter month in the dental world as most people are struggling to get back into the work routine and the kids are back at school. This year is my 24th at the Whitehouse, and as my qualification date seems to be getting more historic, I can reflect how dentistry has changed in my quarter of a century. I don’t think there is a single technique or material that I used in my undergraduate training that I use now, other than the odd gold crown. Mercury fillings are now replaced with bonded cosmetic ceramic fillings. Heavily prepared teeth for gold or metal/porcelain crowns are now minimally prepared for all ceramic veneers. We can make all ceramic crowns from preparation to fit in less than 2hours with Cerec and missing teeth can be replaced with fixed implants in less than 3 months. We straighten adult teeth with clear braces such as Fastbraces or 6 Month Smiles in as little as three months and can now regenerate lost bone with blood taken form our patients on site using PRGF!
It is difficult to see how things can improve over the next twenty four years, but it has been a pleasure and a privilege to bring these cutting edge technologies to my patients and for you to allow me to use them!
This month we focus on 2 cutting edge technologies, Fastbraces and PRGF. Both are incredible technologies which are helping to improve our treatments and shorten treatment times. They emphasise how things have progressed in the dental world and why our practice remains ahead of the curve.

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