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Richmond Dentist is top Straumann implant provider in South London.

13th December 2014


Dr  Burns named Top Straumann Implant Provider in South London 2014

Dr Jason Burns, Principle of the WhiteHouse Dental Clinic in Richmond has been names as theTop Straumann Implant Provider in South London for 2014.

Having been placing and restoring implants since 1992, Jason is delighted that his skill and experienced has been recognised by his patients and referring practitioners.

Jason strives to provide the best quality and value implant dentistry, not by using cheap untested implants and poor quality dental laboratories, but by using advanced techniques and the best implant system and top quality laboratories.

Asked as to how he manages to do this, his answer is simple:-

the experience I have gained by placing thousands of implants enables me to streamline my techniques. In real terms, this means less surgery time wasted and we can pass these costs onto our clients.

Whilst we dont pretend to be the cheapest in town, for the quality of the work and the experience we have, we feel we represent amazing value. This is reflected in the number and complexity of cases we treat, with patients travelling from all over the UK to have their treatments done. We are routinely providing cutting edge techniques such as PRGF and Roxolid implants, which enable us to dramatically simplify treatments which again means less patient costs. In addition, I have run my clinic in Richmond for 25 years, so patients know where to find me!”

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